Volume 4 Issue 2



One of the top causes of death in the globe is Breast Cancer (BC). Globally, breast cancer will claim the lives of about 10 million people in recent years. Breast Cancer is a devastating illness that affects a lot of women worldwide. It comes up at number four among cancers that are fatal, including colorectal, cervical, and brain tumors. Furthermore, it is predicted that over the next 20 years, there will be a 70% increase in the number of new instances of BC. As a result, improving the diagnosis and increasing patient survival from 30 to 50% depends greatly on early identification and accurate diagnosis of BC. Deep learning plays a crucial role in handling and reviewing a large number of X-ray, MRI, and computed tomography (CT) images thanks to advancements in healthcare technology. This study's objective is to suggest a deep learning model for identifying and categorizing breast tumors. Benign adenosis, benign fibroadenoma, benign phyllodes tumor, benign tubular adenoma, malignant ductal carcinoma, malignant lobular carcinoma, malignant mucinous carcinoma, and malignant papillary carcinoma are the eight kinds of cancer that make up breast cancer. The dataset was gathered from the Kaggle repository for the identification and categorization of BC. F1-score, recall, precision, and accuracy are among the measurements that were taken into consideration when evaluating the proposed model. The preprocessed dataset was used to train, validate, and test the suggested model.

Keywords: Breast cancer; deep learning; xception; GAN; VAE

2: Triazole; properties and its medical applications


Triazole is a heterocyclic compound that have three nitrogen atom and used in different fields. Because of its potential as chemotherapeutics, triazole and its derivatives have received a lot of interest in recent years. This study shows that triazole compounds have a variety of pharmacological activities such as antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, local an aesthetic, anticonvulsant, antineoplastic, antimalarial, antiviral, ant proliferative, and anticancer activities.There are many different kinds of the triazole useful as medications.

Keywords: Triazole, Medical field, Properties of triazole, Applications.