Volume 2 Issue 4

1: Experimental Study of a Hybrid Darrius-Icewind Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


The present work aimed an experimental work to study the performance of a Hybrid (Darrius-Icewind blades) Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (DIVAWT). Darrius rotor type S1046 airfoil is hybrid with an Icewind blade rotor in one configuration of a three blades VAWT for the propose to solve the low starting torque of the Darrius rotor. Experimental work was carried out using low speed open flow wind tunnel for two models; first three blades of Darrius airfoil, and second for hybrid Darrius with Icewind blades. The finding results from the experimental tests show that the performance of hybrid (Darrius rotor and Icewind rotor) is higher than using Darrius rotor alone. This result helps to give the better performance (power coefficient and the electrical power produce) from the turbine compared with that of Darrius rotor alone. The obtained results show good agreement with that available published experimental work.

Keywords: Combined Vertical axis wind turbines, Darrius rotor Icewind rotor, Experimental Study, Wind tunnel.

2: Cyclic Voltammogram Analysis of the Environmental Aspects of the use of Ferrocenyl Carbinols


Ferrocene and its derivatives have ecologically effective antidetane properties. In this regard, ferrocene reacts with cyclic ketones and ferrocenyl carbinols are synthesized. It should be noted that ferrocene enters into electrophilic reactions and the process takes place in an acidic environment. In addition, the yield of the new product was small compared to the reactions of ferrocene with non-cyclic ketones. This is due to the spatial structures of molecules. The elemental analysis of obtained compounds was carried out; the structures were researched by cyclic voltammograms and Chronoamperometric.

Keywords: Cyclic voltammograms, Chronoamperometric, Cyclic ketones structure; Environment ecological aspects ferrocene; Ecological aspects.

3. Microstructure, Strength, and Physical Properties of MetakaolinBased Geopolymer Mortar


The major starting elements for the geopolymer matrixes synthesis were alkali activators and aluminosilicate materials, with the former being kaoline, fly ash or slag, and the latter having sodium silicates (Na2SiO3) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) respectively. Metakaoline was used as one of the raw materials in the geopolymerization process in this research .The influence of NaOH concentration and alkaline-liquid ratio on the characteristics of metakaoline-based geopolymer products will also be discussed in this article. Geopolymer mortar cubes sized 50mm x 50mm x 50mm.The alkaline liquid to metakoline ratio is 0.6, and the temperature of cure is kept at 70°C for 5h in oven with hot air, followed by 28 days in the sun.The effect of NaOH concentrations ranging from 8 to 14 M and alkaline-liquid ratio are (2 and 2.5). Finaly we replaced 20%of metakaolin with fly ash to study influence of fly ash and compare between two raw material. Mechanical testing such as compressive strengths and flexural strengths And NDT such as UPV, water absorption. Thermal conductivity and Microstructural investigations have been used to describe it, such as (XRD) and (SEM) are used to estimate GPMs.Based on the findings, the optimum NaOH concentration (14 M) at which geopolymer exhibits the best mechanical properties was determined based on the research findings.

Keywords: Geo-polymer,Mortar,Molarity,Alkaline liquid,Compressive strength,SEM



Hard of hearing people utilize use gestures communication to speak with each other and with the overall population. Particularly, when a consultation individual needs to talk with a hard of hearing individual, a translator is normally vital. Visual communication through signing acknowledgment is a quickly advancing field of PC vision research. In this exploration doing Create a work area application utilizes PC's webcam to decipher the Arabic communication via gestures, where the motions are caught to the Arabic letters and made an interpretation of them into text and transform the content into a voice. By using convolutional neural network (CNN). Convolution neural network is viable in handling PC vision issues and ready to find exceptionally required highlights when satisfactory preparing, where the profound convolutional neural network has been applied to the profound learning in the Python language with Pytorch innovation.

Keywords: Arabic Sign Language (ARSL),Convolutional Neural Network (CNN),You Only Look Once (YOLO)

5. The Performance of Gear with Backlash: A Review


As the service time of the gear increases, its tooth profile could be deviated from its initial design shape and size as a result of time-varying load, overheating, wear, friction, and other working environmental impacts. Gear backlash is one of the non-linear parameters of the gear that adversely affects the performance of the transmission system. Backlash can be introduced deliberately for lubrication and free paly purposes or due to the gear tooth wear (reduction of the gear tooth thickness). The objective of this paper is to review and encapsulate this literature to provide a wide and good reference for scholars to be utilized. Assessing the effect of backlash on the dynamics and flash temperature of the gear is the main target of this review paper.

Keywords: Backlash; sliding motion, tooth profile modification; flash temperature; bulk temperature.